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Ek Aur Devta (2009)Hindi Dubbed


Ek Aur Devta (2009)In Hindi Dubbed Hindilinks4u  Watch Full Movie:

Director:Prashanth Mambully
Producer:Prashanth Mambully

Music by:———–

Genre : Comedy, Drama, Action

Cast :Mohanlal, Daniel Balaji, Lakshmi Gopalaswamy

Ek Aur Devta (2009)In Hindi Dubbed Hindilinks4u  Watch Online  Full Movie:


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Ek Aur Devta (2009)In Hindi Dubbed Hindilinks4u  Watch Online  Full Movie About …..

Months were over after the dreaded 2008 Mumbai attacks. A terrorist group led by Saifudeen (Daniel Balaji) planned bomb blasts in five places in Kochi. At the same time, Sakriya Thomas, the Home Minister of Kerala arrived at the hospital for his wife’s delivery. Meanwhile, the terrorist group was planning to kidnap the Home Minister and his newborn baby. Saifudeen kidnapped three newborn babies and Dr. Balagopal (Mohanlal) came looking for them. Meanwhile, the Home Minister is kidnapped by Saifudeen’s men. In the end, Balagopal kills Saifudeen and saves Home Minister and the babies. All the terrorists were captured or killed by the police.Starring – Mohanlal, Lakshmi GopalaswamyDirector – Prashanth MambullyProduced by – Vijeesh Mani, Mohammed FasihMovie – Ek Aur Devta (Bhagavan) Dubbed Hindi Movies 2014 Full MovieWatch South Action Superhit Blockbuster Hindi Movie ‘Ek Aur Devta’ (Bhagavan – Dubbed from Malayalam Movie) –

2009. Staaring Mohanlal, Lakshmi Gopalaswamy.SYNOPSIS:Ek Aur Devta (Bhagavan) is a 2009 bollywood dubbed movies in hindi (Malayalam movie Dubbed in Hindi) by Prashanth Mambully starring Mohanlal and Lakshmi Gopalaswamy. The film became famous because the entire film was shot in 19 hours.The film gives a message against terrorism. The story is about Dr. Balagopal who fights against a terrorist group who invaded the hospital between 9.00am and 11.00am. The film was shot simultaneously at six different locations. Seven cameras were used to film the movie. The film was planned to be shot within 12 hours, but unexpected rain delayed the shooting. Prashanth Mambully was assisted by four associate directors and seven assistant directors. Cameraman Lokanathan was helped by 18 assistant cameramen.Click to Susbscribe Us – http://goo.gl/FLrzpwTags – Hindi Hot Movies 2014, Hindi Movies 2014, Indian Movies 2014, Bollywood Hot Movies, New Hindi Movies 2014,Watch Hindi Movie, Hindi films 2014, Hindi Movie 2014, Hot Full Movie, Bollywood Hindi Hot Movie, Dubbed, New Hot Films 2014, movies, full masala movies, HD, new movies 2014, 2014 masala movies, full movies 2014, hindi full film,hindi hot films,hindi movies 2013 – 2014, Hot Full Movie, Hindi Hot Movie, Hindi Full Movie, New Movies 2014, movies, full movies, new movies 2014, 2014 movies, full movies 2014, hindi full movie, full movie hindi, Hindi Movies, Hindi Full Movies, Full Hindi Movies, Hindi Films, Hindi Cinema, Bollywood Movies, Hindi movies Full, south indian movies dubbed in hindi full movie 2014, Hindi Movies Full, New Hindi Movies, Dubbed Movies

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