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Ek Krantiveer(2014)Hindi Dubbed


Ek Krantiveer(2014)Hind Dubbed Hindilinks4u Watch Online Hindi Dubbed Full Movie:
Director Hindilinks4u:Srihari
Genre : Romantic,Comedy,Action
Cast :Srihari, K. R. Vijaya, Pradeep Singh Rawat
Ek Krantiveer(2014)Hind Dubbed Hindilinks4u Watch Online Hindi Dubbed Full Movie:

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Ek Krantiveer(2014)Hind Dubbed Hindilinks4u Watch Online Hindi Dubbed Full Movie Story:

Srihari’s movies, despite falling into a pattern, have a raw energy and natural emotions an out them. They are about everyday moments and our anger in response to them. His films mostly work because of their everyday-simplicity. Srihari, not long ago was on a red hot winning streak. But around last year or so, the formula waned a bit. Hence he changed tack slightly and reinvented himself as an action cum sentimental hero. In Hanumanthu, he has combined all his virtues and tried to come up with a one big package. At one level, it works. The story is about the eponymous Hanumanthu (Srihari), a simpleton. A man of huge strength but little guile. He lives with his grandmother (K R Vijaya) in a remote village. In the village, Krishnamurthy (Pradeep Rawat) calls the shots as he is a revered freedom fighter. But there is an other side to him. Nobody in the village knows about. Meanwhile, Hanumanthu falls in love with his uncle’s daughter Sathyvathi (Madhu Sharma). She is a wannabe beauty queen. In that quest, she takes off to Hyderabad and Hanumanthu accompanies her. In the city, Hanumanthu runs into

Krishnamurthy in a quaint situation. Hanumanthu also gets to Seetharamaiah (Vijaya Chander). The latter knows the true picture of Krishnamurthy, and also reveals the details of Hanumanthu’s father Hanumanthiah (Srihari). He is the the real freedom fighter and Krishnamoorthy after usurping that position from him had also murdered him. So the stage is set for Hanumanthu is go for the jugular and wreak revenge.Srihari as Hanumanthu and Hanumanthiah, has a full reign. His part is a tailor-made role and he flexes his muscle with aplomb. The fights and action scenes are as ever good. Srihari gets to show his romantic side. The chemistry between him and Madhu Sharma is good. Madhu Sharma oozes glamour and suits the role okay. Pradeep Rawath is a suave baddie. But he goes over the top. Vijaya Chander’s role is worthy of rememberance. Comedians Kondavalasa, L B Sriram, Rajesh and Siva Reddy do the predictable thing. A dance from Lawrence is one the attractions of the movie. Vandematharam Srinivas’s music has its moments. Producer Srihari has not stinted on any cost and maintains the production quality all through. Director Chandra Mahesh has mixed and matched well. The movie doesn’t have any great ambition. It knows the limitations and so the script stays reasonable terms. That maybe the film’s advantage. It is a masala potboiler aimed at B and C Centers. It came with that expectation. And seems to live up only to that.

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