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Triple Frontier (2019)Hindi Dubbed

Triple Frontier (2019)

Triple Frontier (2019)

Triple Frontier (2019)HindiLinks4u Watch Online Hindi Dubbed Full Movie Hindilinks4u:
Director Hindilinks4u:J.C. Chandor
Producer:J.C. Chandor
Production company:J.C. Chandor
Music composed by:J.C. Chandor
Genre :Adventure, Horror, Fantasy, Thriller
Cast :Ben Affleck, Charlie Hunnam, Adria Arjona, Pedro Pascal

Triple Frontier (2019)Hindilinks4u Watch Online Hindi Dubbed Full Movie Hindilinks4u:


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Triple Frontier (2019)Hindilinks4u Watch Online Hindi Dubbed Full Movie Story:

Santiago “Pope” Garcia (Oscar Isaac) works as a private military advisor in Colombia combating drug crime. During his time there, an informant named Yovanna asks for his help with smuggling her and her brother out of the country in exchange for information on the whereabouts of a drug lord named Lorea.

Yovanna tells Garcia that Lorea lives in a safehouse in the jungle along with all his cash. Garcia travels home to America to recruit his old Delta Force friends for a job to seize the money under the pretense of working for the Colombian government: Tom “Redfly” Davis (Ben Affleck), a realtor; William “Ironhead” Miller (Charlie Hunnam), a motivational speaker; his brother Ben Miller (Garrett Hedlund), a mixed martial arts fighter; and Francisco “Catfish” Morales (Pedro Pascal), a former pilot. The friends agree to only preform the legitimate reconnaissance portion of the job and to not take part in any direct action.

During their reconnaissance, they discover that Lorea’s family lives with him but travels down into the village (with several guards) every Sunday for Mass, giving the team a roughly one-hour window to get in and out with minimal resistance. With this intel the temptation becomes too great and they decide to steal the money for themselves. At first they believe that the money is no longer there, but soon discover that it is all hidden within the walls of the house. The initial raid goes smoothly until they find and kill Lorea, who manages to wound Ironhead before being shot. As they begin loading the van, they realize that there is far more money than expected, with over $250 million hidden in the walls.

The team stay longer than planned loading the extra money, during which time the family and guards begin to arrive home; the team kills the first wave of guards and escapes. The team meets up with a contact who provides them with a helicopter. Catfish, the pilot, is unsure that the helicopter can hold all the weight of the extra money at high altitudes, but Redfly urges him on. They transport Yovanna into Peru with her brother, then plan to fly over the Andes Mountains to a waiting boat that will take their money to an offshore account.

Alarms begin to go off as they ascend towards the peak, so they dump some of the excess money in the cargo hold. However, the helicopter malfunctions and crashes into farmland near a village. Redfly realizes that they have crashed in a cocaine field and believes that the villagers will be armed, causing the team to pretend to be military and attempt to make peace with the suspicious villagers, but tensions flare and Redfly overreacts, killing several of the armed farmers.

Pope meets with an elder of the village to offer over a million dollars as compensation for the downed men and to take several donkeys to continue transporting the money over the mountains. An angered young man attempts to block their way, but the elder entreats him to stand down and let them pass.

The team travels through the jungle to summit the mountain and begin the descent towards the ocean. As they begin to descend, they are ambushed by two gunmen from behind, and Redfly is killed by the young man from the village before the assailants are killed. The team decides to wrap up Redfly’s body and carry it with them to return home to his family.

Ben offers to travel ahead to the ocean to make sure their boat contact is still there, as they are now five days behind schedule. When he returns, he informs them that the boat is still waiting, but Lorea’s gang has militarized the nearest town (with mostly teenage recruits) to hunt them down. Pope suggests that they fight through the town to get to the shore, but the others express hesitance to kill innocent teenagers just to keep most of the money. They then decide to keep only what money they can carry with them and throw the rest into a nearby ravine, where it will presumably be snowed over and lost.

During their attempt to sneak past the village, they encounter a teen with a jeep who radios for help before he is subdued. The team load into the jeep and head for the beach with more armed teens on their tail. The team urges Pope to kill the pursuing drivers, but he instead shoots out their tires and takes other non-lethal defensive actions. They reach the shore and load their cargo into the boat, which takes them away to safety.

Some time later, the remaining four men meet with a lawyer to determine how to split up the roughly $5 million they managed to keep. Originally they plan to split it five ways with Redfly’s share going to his family trust, but all four eventually decide to renounce their shares and give it all to Tom’s family.

Afterwards, the team go their separate ways, with most planning to go home to their families but Pope planning to head to Australia to find Yovanna. Before leaving, Ironhead gives Pope a set of coordinates scribbled on a piece of paper, presumably where they left the money behind.

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